Day 3 - 1 October 2020

7:00-7:30 Boston
13:00-13:30 CEST
19:00-19:30 Beijing
Keynote 4

"Safety and security in collaborative workspaces"

Toni Guasch, Pilz Industrieelektronik S.L.

7:45-9:00 Boston
13:45-15:00 CEST
19:45-21:00 Beijing
9:15-10:15 Boston
15:15-16:15 CEST
21:15-22:15 Beijing
10:15-10:30 Boston
16:15-16:30 CEST
22:15-22:30 Beijing

Closing Session

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Session 13: "Modelling & Simulation of Assembly Processes & Systems - MSAPS2"

Paper 13.1On Modelling and Handling of Flexible Materials: A Review on Digital Twins and Planning Systems Dionisis Andronas, George Kokotinis, Sotiris Makris
Paper 13.2Reinforcement learning for energy reduction of conveying and handling systems Elisabeth Schmidl, Eva Fischer, Johanna Steindl, Matthias Wenk, Jörg Franke
Paper 13.3Twist modelling for assembly of harnessesAlexios Papacharalampopoulos, Sotiris Makris,
Paper 13.4Framework for accurate simulation and model-based control of hybrid manufacturing processes Sotiris Makris, Panagiotis Aivaliotis

Session 14: "Assembly Processes & Technologies - APT2"

Paper 14.1Concept model validation for predicting the behavior of bolted composites Vicky Iliopoulou, Jeroen Jordens, Carlos Lopez, Guillaume Beckers, Jan Stroobants
Paper 14.2Potentials of Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons for order tracing in single and small batch production Hannes Elser, Philip Jongebloed, Daniel Buschmann, Max Ellerich, Robert H. Schmitt
Paper 14.3Fluid Automation – A Definition and an Application in Remanufacturing Production Systems Marco Wurster, Daniel Gauder, Benjamin Häfner, Nicole Stricker, Gisela Lanza
Paper 14.4Defect prediction models to improve assembly processes in low-volume productions Elisa Verna, Gianfranco Genta, Maurizio Galetto, Fiorenzo Franceschini

Session 15: "Industrial Robot Technologies - IRT"

Paper 15.1Towards accurate robot modelling of flexible robotic manipulators Zoi Arkouli, Panagiotis Aivaliotis, Sotiris Makris
Paper 15.2How can the programming of impedance control be simplified? Arturo Bastidas-Cruz, Marcel Radke, Kevin Haninger, Jörg Krüger
Paper 15.3AR based robot programming using teaching by demonstration techniques Konstantinos Lotsaris, Christos Gkournelos, Nikos Fousekis, Niki Kousi, Sotiris Makris
Paper 15.4A Voice-Based Programming Approach and Framework for Collaborative Robotic Arms Tudor B. Ionescu, Sebastian Schlund

Session 16: "Digital Technologies for Flexible Assembly - DTFA2"

Paper 16.1Component-dependent Extended Reality for assembly assistance for batch size 1Marten Stepputat, Konrad Jagusch, David Jericho, Jan Sender, Wilko Flügge
Paper 16.2Enabling the use of a collaborative table for simulation in operations Aleksandra Poziomkowska, Irvine Nyandowe, Elias Ribeiro da Silva, Anita Friis Sommer
Paper 16.3A cyber-physical system approach for enabling ventilation on-demand in an underground mining site Nikolaos Nikolakis, Giannis Kantaris, Kyriakos Bourmpouchakis, Kosmas Alexopoulos
Paper 16.4Combining Selective Assembly and Individualized Locator Adjustments Techniques in a Smart Assembly Line Abolfazl Rezaei Aderiani, Kritstina Wärmefjord, Rikard Söderberg
Paper 16.5Concept for an augmented intelligence-based quality assurance of assembly tasks in global value networks Sascha Martin Thamm, Louis Huebser, Tobias Adam, Thomas Hellebrandt, Ina Heine, Sanderson César Macêdo Barbalho, Sérgio Knorr Velho,, Marcelo Becker, Vanderlei Salvador Bagnato, Robert Heinrich Schmitt

Session 17: "Robotic Perception & Machine Learning - RPML"

Paper 17.1Vision-based adjusting of a digital model to real-world conditions for wire insertion tasks Florian Hefner, Simon Schmidbauer, Jörg Franke
Paper 17.22-Stage Vision system for Robotic Handling of Flexible objects Andreas Sardelis, Natalia-Christina Zacharaki, Zoi Arkouli, Dionisis Andronas, George Michalos, Sotiris Makris, George Papanikolopoulos
Paper 17.3Classification of assembly operations using machine learning algorithms based on visual sensor data Patrick Rückert, Kirsten Tracht, Björn Papenberg

Session 18: "Design for Assembly - DFA2"

Paper 18.1Generation of assembly restrictions and evaluation of assembly criteria from 3D assembly models by collision analysis Alexander Neb, Joshua Göke,
Paper 18.2Semi-automatic extraction of digital work instructions from CAD models Dorothy Gors, Jeroen Put, Kris Luyten, Bram Vanherle, Maarten Witters
Paper 18.3Computer assisted ergonomic assembly cell design Jan Goos, Pieter Lietaert, Robbe Cools
Paper 18.4Concepts for Digitalisation of Assembly Instructions for Short Takt Times Anna Palmqvist, Emelie Vikingsson, Dan Li, Åsa Fast-Berglund, Niklas Lund

Session 19: "Flexible & Intelligent Joining Systems - FIJS2"

Paper 19.1Process development method for high-speed gluing and a battery-production case studyAlexander Müller, Muhammed Aydemir, Sezer Solmaz, Arne Glodde, Franz Dietrich
Paper 19.2Development of Application Programming Interface Prototype for Injection Molding Machines Olga Ogorodnyk, Mats Larsen, Kristian Martinsen, Ole Vidar Lyngstad
Paper 19.3Benchmarking framework for robotic arc welding motion planning Jeroen De Maeyer, Eric Demeester,
Paper 19.4Manufacturing Execution Systems driven Process Analytics: A Case Study from Individual Manufacturing Lea Mayer, Nijat Mehdiyev, Peter Fettke

Session 20: "Adaptive & Reconfigurable Assembly Systems - ARAS2"

Paper 20.1Implementing cognitive technologies in an assembly line based on two case studies Muaaz Abdul Hadi, Markus Brillinger, Martin Bloder, Michael Bader, Martin Ratasich, Franz Haas, Stefan Trabesinger, Johannes Schmid, Martin Weinzerl, Hannes Hick, Peter Kopsch, Eric Armengaud
Paper 20.2Assembly system design in captive offshoring - A semi-systematic review of literature Peter Burggräf, Matthias Dannapfel, Tobias Adlon, Katharina Müller
Paper 20.3Operator support in Human-Robot collaborative environments using AI enhanced wearable devices Nikos Dimitropoulos, Theodoros Togias, George Michalos, Sotiris Makris
Paper 20.4Manufacturing automation for automotive wiring harnesses Huong Giang Nguyen, Marlene Kuhn, Joerg Franke