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Session 5: "Modelling & Simulation of Assembly Processes & Systems- MSAPS1"

Paper 5.1Simulation Software Design as a Potential Solution to the Increasing Complexity of Industrial Communication Networks Petar Vukovic
Paper 5.2Holistic animation and functional solution for digital manikins in context of virtual assembly simulations Christian Fuchs, Christoph Allmacher, Philipp Klimant, Matthias Putz
Paper 5.3Leveraging Model Based Definition and STEP AP242 in Task Specification for Robotic Assembly Shafi Khurieshi Mohammed, Mathias Hauan Arbo, Lars Tingelstad
Paper 5.4A prediction method for assembly surface contact considering form error Sensen Wang, Yanhui Sun, Junkang Guo, Jun Hong, Dingtang Zhao, Dewen Yu

Session 6: "Assembly Processes & Technologies - APT1"

Paper 6.1Vacuum gripper without central compressed air supply Robert Schaffrath, Erik Jäger, Marcel Todtermuschke
Paper 6.2Robot gripper with high speed, in-hand object manipulation capabilities Dionisis Andronas, Sotiris Xythalis, Panagiotis Karagiannis, George Michalos, Sotiris Makris
Paper 6.3Construction and Implementation of Extraction Rules for Assembly Hierarchy Information of a Product Based on OntoSTEP Hanqing Gong, Lingling Shi, Jiahui Qian, Dongmei Liu, Zhijing Zhang
Paper 6.4Prediction of the dynamic performance for the deployable mechanism in
assembly based on optimized neural network
Dewen Yu, Junkang Guo, Qiangqiang Zhao, Jun Hong
Paper 6.5An iterative method for the solution of equilibrium position in the shaft-hole assembly based on spring contact model Yuanyang Zhang, Junkang Guo, Xianming Gao, Jun HONG

Session 7: "Assembly Systems Planning & Control- ASPC1"

Paper 7.1Multi-criteria evaluation methods during concept planning of assembly system design Christoph Schlueter, Jens Kiefer, Theresa Breckle, Nina Groß
Paper 7.2Joint optimization of tow-trains dispatch and conflict-free route planning in mixed-model assembly lines Shan Lu, Yaoguang Hu, Sheng Qu
Paper 7.3Assembly Sequence Planning Method Based on Knowledge and OntoSTEP Jia-hui Qian, Zhi-jing Zhang, Chao Shao, Han-qing Gong, Dong-mei Liu
Paper 7.4A two layer criteria evaluation approach for re-scheduling efficiently semi-automated assembly lines with high number of rush orders Foivos Psarommatis, Xiaochen Zheng, Dimitris Kiritsis
Paper 7.5Dynamic scheduling in a job-shop production system with reinforcememt learning Csaba Kardos, Catherine Laflamme, Viola Gallina, Wilfried Sihn

Session 8: "Human Robot Interaction & Collaboration - HRIC2"

Paper 8.1An approach for task and action planning in human-robot collaborative cells using AI George Evangelou, Nikos Dimitropoulos, George Michalos, Sotiris Makris
Paper 8.2Human-Robot-Collaboration: Innovative Processes, from Research to Series Standard Daniel Kofer, Christian Bergner, Christian Frank Deuerlein, Peter Heß
Paper 8.3On using human activity recognition sensors to improve the performance of collaborative mobile manipulators: review and outlook Aswin Ramasubramanian, Syed Aiman, Nikolaos Papakostas
Paper 8.4Towards robust human-robot mobile co-manipulation for tasks involving the handling of non-rigid materials using sensor-fused force-torque, and skeleton tracking dataDavid De Schepper, Bart Moyaers, Gert Schouterden, Karel Kellens, Eric Demeester
Paper 8.5Human-Robot-Interaction using Cloud-Based Speech Recognition Systems Christian Frank Deuerlein, Moritz Langer, Julian Seßner, Peter Heß, Jörg Franke

Session 9: "Flexible & Intelligent Joining Systems - FIJS1"

Paper 9.1Concrete hybrid manufacturing: A machine architectureManuel Menendez Muñiz, Marjorie Chantin, Cristian
Raul Vintila, Marc Fabritius, Christoph Martin, Laura
Calvo, Louison Poudelet, Joseph Canou, Maylis Uhart, Alexios Papacharalampopoulos, Panos Stavropoulos, Nils Olof Emanuel
Olsson, José Antonio Tenorio, Javier Alonso Madrid, Justin
Dirrenberger, Ivan Muñoz
Paper 9.2Modelling and Experimentation Validation for the Optimization of Friction Stir Welding (FSW) during Railcar ManufacturingIlesanmi afolabi daniyan, Khumbulani Mpofu, Boitumelo Ramatsetse, Adefemi Adeodu
Paper 9.3Process Curve Analysis with Machine Learning on the Example of Screw Fastening and Press-in Processes Moritz Meiners, Andreas Mayr, Joerg Franke
Paper 9.4Maintenance and digital health control in smart manufacturing based on condition monitoring Fadi Assad, Emma Rushforth, Robert Harrison, Sergey Konstantinov, Bilal Ahmad, Mohammed Waseem, Hazem Nureldin

Session 10: "Design for Assembly - DFA1"

Paper 10.1Parametric design for 3D printed plastic panel as a decorative part of a mobility platform Aggeliki Karapiperi, Lydia Athanasopoulou, Alexios Papacharalampopoulos, Panagiotis Stavropoulos
Paper 10.2Evaluation of Augmented Reality supported Approaches for Product Design and Production ProcessesMarco Schumann, Christian Fuchs, Christian Kollatsch, Philipp Klimant
Paper 10.3Scalable six bar linkage mechanism for re-orienting and aligning objects: design methodology Emanuela elisa cepolina, Isiah Zaplana, Maria Paola Dimperio, Roberto Gagliardi, Khelifa Baizid, Massimiliano Scaccia, Jian Dai, Giovanni Gerardo Muscolo, Ferdinando Cannella
Paper 10.4Humanitarian engineering design methodology for AM metallic products: the smart mobility platform case Alexios Papacharalampopoulos, Aggeliki Karapiperi, Panagiotis Stavropoulos

Session 11: Assembly Systems Planning & Control- ASPC2"

Paper 11.1Batch Time Optimization for an Aerodynamic Feeding System under changing ambient conditions Torge Kolditz, Niklas Rochow, Peter Nyhuis, Annika Raatz
Paper 11.2An improved optimization method for materials distribution based on spatiotemporal clustering in automobile assembly lines Sheng Qu, Yaoguang Hu, Lixiang Zhang, Shan Lu
Paper 11.3Methodology for planning smart factory Matevz Resman, Maja Turk, Niko Herakovič
Paper 11.4Capability matchmaking software for rapid production system design and reconfiguration planning Eeva Jarvenpaa, Niko Siltala, Otto Hylli, Minna Lanz

Session 12: "Adaptive & Reconfigurable Assembly Systems - ARAS1"

Paper 12.1Development of a Form-Flexible Handling Technology with Active Cooling for Hybrid Components in Forging Processes Christopher Bruns, Caner-Veli Ince, Jan Geggier, Annika Raatz
Paper 12.2Handling of Large and Heavy Objects using a Single Mobile Manipulator in Combination with a Roller Board Tobias Recker, Florian Heilemann, Annika Raatz
Paper 12.3High-precision assembly of electronic devices with lightweight robots through sensorguided insertion Maximilian Metzner, Sebastian Leurer, Andreas Handwerker, Engin Karlidag, Andreas Blank, Jörg Franke
Paper 12.4Adaptive Assembly Systems for Enabling Agile Assembly – Empirical Analysis Focusing on Cognitive Worker Assistance Peter Burggräf, Matthias Dannapfel, Tobias Adlon, Nils Föhlisch