Submissions for CATS 2020 are closed

Update, 29.03.2020

The process of paper revisions is extended to 24 April 2020.

Update, 03.03.2020

Paper reviews are being sent to authors.
The review process is on going for remaining papers.

Manuscript preparation instructions

1. The length of the paper must be between 3 and 6 pages, including figures and references

2. Do not include blank page(s) at the end to achieve the minimum length.

3. Manuscripts should be prepared according to the following template: Manuscript Template

4. Manuscripts should be submitted with the following process until 31 December 2019 17 January 2020

Submission process

Please follow the instructions contained in your abstract acceptance email.

1. Log in to the online submission system

2. Select “Submissions Needing Revision”

3. Select “Revise Submission”

4. Follow the steps in the submission process

5. If requested, select the following options during the submission process:

  • In the “Article Type” and “Section or Category” steps, choose “SI: CATS 2020”
  • in the “Request Editor” step, choose “Sotiris Makris”

1. Authors are required to submit a PDF as well as a source file copy of the manuscript. Doc/docx/latex are acceptable formats of source files. Other formats including “docm” will NOT be accepted.
2. An oral presentation of the paper at the conference is required for the paper to be published in the PROCEDIA CIRP. Failure to present the paper at the conference will result in withdrawal of the paper. Please be sure to have one author attend and orally present your paper.
3. Conference proceedings will be published in Procedia CIRP.