Scientific Topics

The objective of the conference is to stimulate the exchange of views, recent developments, and research findings in the field of assembly technologies internationally. Thus, innovative papers from industry, universities and research institutions are invited. The conference will involve a variety of papers covering the following topics but not excluding additional topics related to assembly:

- Design for Assembly- Production planning & Scheduling
- Flexible resources & tooling for mixed model assembly- Design for Disassembly/Remanufacturing
- Performance assessment of assembly systems- Inventory control and material supply in assembly
- Human Robot interaction/collaboration in assembly- Advanced joining technologies
- Modular assembly systems- Dynamic reconfiguration of assembly systems
- Human operator support & ergonomy in assembly- Energy and resource efficiency in assembly and joining
- New assembly concepts - Smart Factories- ICT technology for assembly monitoring & control
- Cooperating Robots- Assembly processes modeling, simulation and optimization
- Novel joining processes for advanced materials- Collaborative engineering
- Assembly planning, control and scheduling - Logistics and Manufacturing data management
- Flexible and reconfigurable manufacturing systems- Lean assembly systems
- Adaptive assembly Systems- Quality Engineering in Assembly
- Life cycle design and manufacturing - Virtual reality and manufacturing
- Digital manufacturing- Digital Knowledge based tools
- Safety in Human Robot collaboration- Dexterous manipulation in assembly
- Robotic perception- Predictive Maintenance
- Methods & tools for Knowledge Management & skills adaptation- Advanced machine architectures and control technology for assembly